3D Star Wall Panel

3D Star Wall Panel

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Turn your flat appearing wall into stylishand sparkling 3D wallart with our Star Textured 3D Wall Panels. Our dynamic design looks both sylish as well as industrial. Ideal in case you wish for an eye-catching wall!

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These latest environmentally-friendly, high-quality, durable as well as light-weight panels are incredible for both commercial and domestic usages. The panels are specifically designed to be tinted with water-based paints and can be assembled in numerous distinct combos to form different patterns and looks. These could be subtle or eye-catching.


Additional information

Installation Guide

Clean the surface you are INSTALLING the panels on
Plan your design. Measure and mark the area of installation
Start working from the top corner.
Apply glue on wall and panel (fast bonding spraying glue or contact cement recommended)
Stick panels on the wall. Use pins or apply pressure on four corners and edges of the panel
Apply primer coat
Fill any gaps with paintable caulking
Apply final coat of paint